Week of  March 18 to March 22

Dear Wonderful 4th Grade Families,

  This has been a monster week in 4th grade and we are both so very proud of the efforts of these young humans!  Wow! Tests were passed with flying colors, lots of impressive writing has taken place, and fraction equivalents (as far as we can tell) have been mastered.  We will know for sure on Monday, as that is our Topic 8 Math test.  Students brought home their corrected practice tests on Thursday, so please look that over with your child.

 Please note the homework page of the website – test dates have again been altered since Market Day this Friday is a minimum day (11:30 dismissal) with sellers leaving the classroom at 9AM to prepare.  We will do the Bible verse test on Wednesday, and the spelling, vocab, and reading tests on Thursday.

 Your child brought home his/her Gold Rush diary with the history test today.  It counted as the history test essay, and you will definitely want to read through it – they are precious.  We are continuing to learn about California’s statehood in history, and slowly but surely continuing to read through, By the Great Horn Spoon.  Some of the students even incorporated parts of the story into their Gold Rush diaries!  Enjoy the weekend, and have a great Saint Patrick’s Day!

Please know that as questions arise you may contact us via email: ahart@linfield.com and dgaul@linfield.com.

Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Gaul

Your Fourth Grade Team